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Hoaxbuster is an app to find the truth out of messages that are spread across various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, Line, WeChat etc.
Users are advised to copy & paste the messages directly into hoaxbuster to check the truth of the messages, if the message is found to be a hoax the AI Chatbot will display ‘Hoax!’ else ‘Truth!’. This project is still under development so if the AI Chatbot is not able recognize or categorize it, then check the same message after 24 Hours, when you submit a message and if it is not in our database then our expert team of journalists & researchers swing into action to find the truth out of the message being circulated and once it is added into our DB, users will be able to identify whether it is a ‘Hoax’ or ‘Truth’. Users are active members of this app who continuously help identify the hoaxes. Recently we have seen an increase in hoaxes, from hoaxes like ‘GPS’ Nano chip in rs 2000 notes to ‘Whatsapp getting shutdown’.


screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot4


  • Artificial intelligence powered chatbot.
  • Self learning, new hoaxes gets added to our DB through users.
  • Quick identification of ‘Hoaxes’ or ‘Truth’
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