Make money with Tron by playing the game

How To Play

  1. Make sure you have a TRONLink wallet. For more information on how to create one, click here
  2. To play you must own TRX, the underlying cryptocurrency that powers the TRON network.
  3. Set your BET AMOUNT. This is the amount of TRX you will be betting.
  4. You can adjust the slider or enter the PREDICTION number you’d like to roll under. As you move the slider, your payout and win chance will adjust automatically. You can also select to Roll Over or Under your prediction number.
  5. Click ROLL to place your bet. The smart contracts will then randomly generate a LUCKY number from 0-99.
  6. If the lucky number is below your prediction then you WIN!

Each bet placed will give you ANTE tokens, for more information check out our WHITEPAPER.

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Blockchain powered cards game with $1000+ weekly tournaments get in early

Only 3 short months ago, Steem Monsters rocked the Steem world by releasing the first collectible card game on the Steem Blockchain!

You guys went nuts! Thousands of cards have been purchased, trades are being made, and the community is gathering to help create the fantasy lore.Now, we are ready for round 2 of the most exciting step…… FIGHTING!

Game Play!
Here’s a preview of Steem Monsters Game Play created by the Steem Monsters Game Development Team!

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