Oyster Shell airdrop

UPDATE 17-2-18 Snapshot will be on April 6, 2018. Currently, the only exchange that may be participating in the Airdrop is KuCoin. However Oyster is still awaiting final confirmation. Oyster recommends for the time being that PRL holders who want to receive SHL tokens during the Airdrop should store their PRLs in a personal walletnot an exchange wallet.
Read more about the Shell update.
Oyster is introducing the Shell (SHL) token, which is a utility token. Shells are used to pay for connectivity and Dapp operation across the Oyster meshnet, whilst Pearls (PRL) are used for static data retention on the tangle. Shell is not pegged to storage like how Pearl is. In the future you will be able to use Shells to access the decentralized web, connectivity that entirely bypasses ISPs and centralized infrastructure.
Oyster Shell (SHL) tokens will be distributed in an Airdrop to Oyster PRL holders! This will be the only way to attain SHL, it will not be offered in a token sale. Every 1 PRL held on the blockchain will be airdropped 1 SHL. The total supply of SHL will match the total supply of PRL (after the 10m PRL coin burn event). Details of the blockchain snapshot and Airdrop event will follow next week.
Airdrop ratio 1 PRL : 1 SHL

Expired: Shping Token Sale (SHPING)

Shping is an innovative, shopper-marketing ecosystem that enables participating brands and organisations the opportunity to reward shoppers who use the Shping App with a new cryptocurrency called Shping Coin.

  • Project TypeToken
  • CategoryCommerce & Advertising
  • PlatformEthereum Ethereum
  • LocationAustralia
  • Total Supply – 10,000,000,000

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Where to buy cryptocurrency for the best price

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